Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ARC REVIEW Heartsong Cottage by Emily March

"Coincidences are an angel's way of working anonymously"

 This is book ten in Emily March’s Eternity Springs series and boy do they just keep getting better. Admittedly this is one of the darker ones, like with Dreamweaver Trail; but like all the others it’s about finding hope after all seems lost. Eternity Springs is a place for lost souls go to heal, to find their way again, to find a new purpose and to just maybe find love again. Heartsong Cottage is a heart wrenching story with a hopeful message. Emily March is very good at pulling people through hell and back and then still making them work for their HEA, and it is a tear jerking journey and an absolute pleasure to read.

The two stars in this book Daniel Garrett has given up hope for himself but still reaches out to help others; Shannon O’Toole is fairly new to Eternity Springs and has a mysterious past she has no problems making friends but she really doesn’t want any long lasting attachments.Ending up in Eternity Springs was a case of right place at the right time. Daniel first came to Eternity Springs because of Hope. When Hope’s daughter was kidnapped Daniel was the private investigator who never stopped looking for Holly. Daniel occasionally stops into town to visit and because there is a peacefulness about the small mountain town that calms his hectic life. After Daniel lost his wife and son he closed off never thinking to hope he could have a family again, never thinking he would want one again. Shannon O’Toole is hiding, no one in town knows her secret and she plans to keep it that way. Always busy between yoga class twice a day, renovating an old Victorian house and running the bar at night she never stops. 

"On nights like this, being alone sucks" 

"Daniel didn't want to be alone. He very much didn't want to be alone."

One night, it was just suppose to be one night; slightly inebriated after Gabi and Flynn's wedding and feeling very, very down in the dumps Shannon and Daniel share one wonderful night together. Both with reasons of their own think it's better if it ends after the one night but weeks later and they both can not forget the one night of peace they both felt in each other's arms. Shannon gets a commision to do some decorative art work in some cabins on the outskirts of town. One day a young woman and her son show up, they wandered over from other cabins down the way asking for medicine, he husband is sick and she can’t go into town; turns out the husband is Daniel. Shannon hurts and feels used especially since she just found out she was pregnant. Daniel straightened everything out explaining what was really going on and Shannon tells him she is pregnant. Shannon wasn’t quite expecting the reaction she got. I know something Daniel didn’t know even after a vasectomy you can still produce sperm especially after ten years. After flat out calling her a liar Daniel storms out. Soon after that Daniel realizes just how wrong he was and convincing Shannon isn’t easy. Shannon finally trusting Daniel tells him the truth about her past and now Daniel is on a mission to fix it for her so she can stop looking over her shoulder.

The internal struggle Daniel goes through is a tough one he doesn't feel like he deserves a family again, he's terrified about something else going wrong and going through the trauma all over again. Shannon's conflict isn't just internalized, she fights with her trust issues as well as a very real stalker who isn't afraid to kill. Overall, This is a great addition to the Eternity Spring series. Celeste as always has some very memorable quotes and really is an angel.

I won this ARC from a re-read group on Goodreads. I would like to thank Emily and Paula and the lovely people at St. Martin's Press for my ARC.  

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