Thursday, November 19, 2015

ARC REVIEW Miss Featherton's Christmas Prince by Ella Quinn

Ella Quinn's eighth and final (for now) book of The Marriage Game series. Miss Featherton's Christmas Prince is a funny and lighthearted romance with a bit of suspense. I have read a couple of  the books in the series The Marriage Game, it's not pivotal to the plot that you read all of them but it's nice if you have. I love the Ella Quinn style of writing. She brings humor to romance.

When I first started the book I didn't care very much for Meg, but then I realized something if she wasn't so stubborn and headstrong and blind to everything but her wants then she wouldn't have been so easy to manipulate. I smile because it's a good thing. It really only was the first couple of chapters that she rubbed me the wrong way it soon became clear she really thought she was doing what she thought was for the best.

You have to love Damon, head over heals in love with the chit and never there at the right time. When they first met she was engaged to someone, when that fell apart, due to the fact that the fiance was a sadist, Damon gave her time to get over it, by the time he comes back she's engaged to someone else. Now that that last one's over Damon isn't wasting any time and the Christmas House party at his Godmother's house is just the place to convince Meg that Damon is the perfect man for her. Meg after two seasons and two disastrous engagements has decided to make a sensible match, but the gentleman who she has set her sights on is already spoken for by her best friend. When Amanda realizes her intentions she gets together with Damon and her secret fiance to get Damon and Meg together. They all know Meg is perfect for Damon and that Damon is already in love with her they just give her a reason to be with him all the time so that Meg can see that there is more to Damon than just what she sees on the outside.

But Meg does have her reasons for hesitating and it takes Damon a bit to realize he has to change his strategy if he wants to keep Meg and prove to her that love does matter in a relationship and that they are perfect for each other. But Meg's hesitation isn't the only problem Damon's father is a big pain in the butt. Who it seems is trying to ruin his son's life.

Overall I loved reading this book. It was funny and Meg really does turn around when she realizes what she wants and what she needs are two separate things.


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