Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ARC REVIEW The Reluctant Duchess by Sharon Cullen

The Reluctant Duchess is an enjoyable read. I really liked this one. It has mystery, scandal, and romance. It's an exciting story with an unsolved murder, threatening letters with a love story between two unexpecting people. Sara Emerson is a shy and reserved Lady, who let her cousin's vivacious attitude outshine Sara's own beauty. Gabriel Ferguson, the Duke of Rossmoyne, was once engaged to Meredith Emerson but she was murdered in a horrible fashion two years ago. Gabriel and Meredith's engagement was the talk of the town and her murder was shocking, there were no clues to who could do this.

Two years after the death after her cousin, Meredith, Sara started to receive letters, strange letters from an unknown person claiming he knew Meredith and claims that he was there when she died. The only person Sara can think of to help is Meredith's fiancee, Gabriel Ferguson. Gabriel didn't recognize Sara when he first saw her and when he saw her he felt something he has never felt before. Gabriel never really saw Sara when Meredith was around he just thought her as plain. Now that she is out of the shadows of her cousin, Sara has her chance to shine and Gabriel wants her to shine; for him. Sarah however hates to be the center of attention.

Sara has convinced Gabriel to keep her in the loop and to let her help and in return Sara agrees to stay at his residence, with his mother as a chaperone. Gabriel's mother makes it very obvious to Gabriel that he isn't good enough for Sara, and vise versa to Sara which is fine because Sara doesn't think she could be a good Duchess with her dislike of anything social. But the more time Sara and Gabriel spend together the more they realize they are perfect for each other. Sara keeps getting letter that are escalating to the point of threatening and with the help of a young boy and the original investigator they help track down the man behind the letters and the murder of Meredith, but not before he kidnaps Sara.

Overall, this was a fun read.


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