Thursday, November 5, 2015

ARC REVIEW Rising Storm episode 7+8: Weather the Storm and Thunder Rolls

This week's episode of Rising Storm, Weather the Storm is brought to us by Lisa Mondello. Really not much happens in this one which is why I'm choosing to do both 7 and 8 in this post. Weather the Storm is about the Pastor and his wife dealing with the fact that their son has just been diagnosed on the autism scale. Lisa Mondello does a great job with the internal struggle of Tara and Bryce's marriage dealing with not only the changes they have to make as a family with an autistic child but with an older child acting out because of the added attention their sibling is getting. It also touches on Bryce's fear of dealing with his son, because of childhood experiences. I think Lisa Mondello did a great job with the story, if you take out the few references to Storm and the other players of the series this could be a really good stand alone novella about making marriage work romance.

In this book is also Dakota being a drama queen, her and Senator Rush break up and he opens his big mouth about him and Ginny just to hurt Dakota's feelings, you almost feel bad for her; and also Kristin and Travis' affair isn't as secret as they would think.

The season finale!!! and boy did I call it.  That is one thing about this series it was very predictable on what was going to end up happening. I was right about another thing, and so help me I was hoping I was going to be wrong about this, it ended in a cliffhanger.

Hannah has just recently realized she is in love with the wrong brother. She doesn't even remember how her relationship with Tate started it just kind of did. But now she knows how Tucker feels, and there's no denying it any longer. It's just too bad Tate walks in on them after Tucker and Hannah have sex for the first time. Tucker tells his family that even if it means losing his brother Hannah is worth it.

And so the climactic reveal... We all knew what Dakota was going to do. As much as she hates Ginny and now Senator Rush it's no surprise she finds just the right opportunity to spill the beans, especially after she went through all the trouble of finding proof. So everything I thought would happen with Ginny happened except she has an unexpected friend. That's all I'm saying about that I hope I was vague enough not to spoil it.

Overall, this story, I liked the Hannah, Tate, and Tucker story. Normally I don't care for love triangles but this one was so short and to the point I liked it. The big explosion of secrets was greatly amusing. I loved and hated how this ended.
Overall, the series, it wasn't enough for me. I love my HEA and as a soap that will never happen. I have lots of predictions for what will happen, but unless my feelings about this series change to a Love to Hate thing I doubt I will read the next season.

I would like to thank InkSlingerPR for offering this series for me to read and even though I didn't really care for it it was an experience and I'm glad I got to read it. A great big KUDOS to all the authors who took part and to Julie Kenner and Dee Davis for coming up with this ingenious idea, best of luck for the future seasons.            

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