Tuesday, December 1, 2015

ARC REVIEW Bear It All by Rochelle Paige

Rochelle Paige paranormals are some of my favorites. Bear it All is book two of the McMahon Clan series a spin off of The Black River Pack series. I highly recommend these. They are absorbing, they pull me in. The narrative is first person POV from both Tahlia and Braden and done in such a way it feels like they really are sharing their story with you. The prologue is a great reminder of what has happened and introduction and a brief get to know you for Tahlia.

Tahlia is a lion shifter and from a young age her mother has been training her in just about everything. She gets so good that she catches the eye of the Shifter Council and is asked be an enforcer. She is good at what she does and she earns the respect of the Council members. When Councilmen McMahon needs the help of someone on the outside of his clan he asks Tahlia. Tahlia almost said no but when she heard why she couldn't refuse, only this case is lasting a whole lot longer than any of them thought and being a stripper is not Tahlia's idea of an ideal job. Finally after three months she has some useful information.

Braden has been working almost nonstop with his father trying to track down the people behind the attempted murder of Braden's sister and attempted kidnapping of his niece. So far none of the leads has panned out until his father calls him up and explains he has a person on the inside. He has placed someone at one of the Honey Pot locations to see if they can hear anything. Braden never expected to suddenly find his mate on stage taking her clothes off, even worse is that she is the inside informant his father placed there and that he almost blew her cover.

Tahlia knows that one of her "fans" has been asking specific questions about the McMahon clan, she figures he must have some knowledge. She also know that he is going to come in on her next day to see her. So now they have three days to set up a way to trap him and get the information needed. That's three days Braden and Tahlia have to get to know each other, but they can't claim each other as mates yet, because if this "fan" is a shifter then he would be able to tell immediately. But just because they can't claim each other doesn't mean they will keep their hands off each other.

Overall this was a great book, it was hot and exciting. I have loved all of them.  

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