Saturday, December 5, 2015

ARC REVIEW The Highlander's Accidental Marriage by Callie Hutton

Book Six in Callie Hutton's Marriage Mart Mayhem series, I liked this book more than the other book in the series that I read. The characters were amusing and well written. Lady Sarah is headstrong and a take charge type which gets her into trouble, also lacking the common knowledge of Scottish ways. Braeden McKinnon is the black sheep of his family, where everyone else takes care of the family sheep herd he is the youngest professor to ever teach at Edinburgh University. These two very intelligent headstrong people end up in a Planes, Trains, and Automobiles type situation. It was an amusing and aggravating read; aggravating because Sarah is too stubborn and at times selfish and amusing because the situations they found themselves in at the beginning were fun. It's almost as if someone said the famous last words, What else could go wrong?

Lady Sarah promised her sister that she would be there for her when she had her baby. That means Sarah must brave the wilds of Scotland. Dragging her borrowed maid with her, she endures a never ending domino effect of bad things happening. The only good thing to come out of it was meeting the handsome professor Braeden McKinnon, and that for a time didn't seem like it was a good thing. Sarah has no problem in being the lady, taking charge wherever she goes the only problem is that she doesn't know anything about Scotland and in her panicked thinking she married herself to Braeden without even realizing it. Breaden is immediately taken with Sarah, she is brave and intelligent as well as beautiful. He has absolutely no hope of ever being with her, him a professor and her a Lady, a sister of a Duke. But then Sarah doesn't stick with the plan of telling everyone they are brother and sister and marries him. Braeden can't believe she did it, even if she did it out of ignorance it's done.

When they finally make it to her sister's house and the truth comes out Sarah and Braeden must face the consequences and marry for real. Unfortunately they each have their lives and marriage has no place in it. Sarah has a book being published and her publisher wants her in London to tour bookstores and meet fans, that how confident he is in her book. While Braeden is waiting for his acceptance in an expedition to Rome, that he has been waiting for for two years. Now back in 1817 the wife went where the husband went her life was his life and that is what Sarah is scared of. Braeden may be proud that she is a great writer and that her book is being published but her place is with him, but he loves her enough to let her have her life. Sarah should be happy but now she misses Braeden, she feels like an outsider in her sister's home, and her mother is giving her the guilt trip from hell.

Overall, it was a nice read. I liked the characters, I understood their motivations and I almost think Sarah announced that they were man and wife subconsciously because she really did want to be married to Braeden.      

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