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Three Book ARC REVIEW A Rogue, a Rake, and a Pirate; Oh My!

I have here three fantastic historical romance novels...

One Rogue at a Time
by Jade Lee

I enjoyed this one, it is book two in Jade Lee's Rakes and Rogues series, it didn't quite enjoy it as much as 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake, but it had a very worthwhile and lovely ending. Two people who are opportunistic but with all the best intentions find love. It is a funny romance, and a very engaging storyline.

Bramwell Wesley Hallowsby is a bastard, it's not something he is proud of but he isn't going to shy away from the label. He tries hard to prove he's is just as worthy of the title that was denied him then the sailor who did inherit his father's title. Bram has a white knight complex he is the one people go to when they need help, half the time it leads him to trouble and at the beginning he did get badly burned by a woman asking for help and that jaded him to woman who manipulate to get what they want. Like the current situation he finds himself in, making sure an old friend and his wife swindled a bunch of money from some very powerful people are running to Scotland and paying Bram to see that they get there safely, only to abandon him in a tiny village with a broken down carriage.

Maybelle "Bluebell" Ballenger knows she is made for better things than the tiny village and selling possets. On her Mother's deathbed she finally told Bluebell the truth about her heritage, Bluebell is the granddaughter of an earl. She grew up with the whispers of being a bastard, and she worked hard to prove her worth in the tiny village but now that she know the truth she has been saving up her money to go to London and demand her birthright from her father. Bram is her ticket to London. 

Bram is automatically suspicious of the young woman who is cunning and smart enough to sell her possets at the highest price as she can get. She also manipulates him into teaching her how to be a proper lady. Bram is aware of her manipulations as much as it angers him it does nothing to dampen his desire for her and manipulates her right back. Together they travel to Oxfordshire and get the proof needed for Bluebell's legitimacy. Once in London Bram introduces her to his half sister who accepts the challenge of turning her into a lady and handle the introduction to her Grandparents. But once accepted by the family Bluebell must face the ton and with that the fact that she can no longer be friends with Bram, no matter that she loves him and will not give him up. It's harder for Bram to accept the fact that he loves Bluebell knowing that she is destined to marry better than him. 

Like a bad penny, the trouble causing comic relief couple keeps coming back making Brams life hell. 

Overall, this was a very enjoyable read with a sweet ending.

How to Rescue a Rake 
by Jayne Fresina

Book Club Belles Society book three. Finally the book for Diana and Nate. I love this series and I have been waiting for Diana and Nate to finally get their HEA. It's not imperative to read the previous two books but they are very good books I recommend you read, even if you read them after this one. 

Nathaniel Sherringham has always loved Diana Makepeace. But Diana's mother was bound to make her daughter a more advantageous marriage then she herself had. Diana wanting to please her mother agreed to marry a man she felt nothing for. She was content with her decision until Nate had to go and propose marriage and kiss her. Diana's perception changed after that. Even with the scathing remarks and insults she told Nate, she always thought about him after that, and whether she would admit it or not was the main reason she broke off her engagement.

Three years later and Nate is a changed man. No longer the rake and the gambler, but a businessman. Nate has come back to the town he calls home; over all the other towns he has lived in, this town where his sister is now happily married and where Diana is of course he thinks by now she is married by now. He is shocked to discover the vibrant young miss who won his heart and broke it is still single and has lost the sparkle in her eyes. Everyone thinks that she is still grieving the loss of her fiance. 

Diana has almost given up hope of ever getting married. But a trip to visit a cousin in Bath to help rejuvenate her health has given her hope for more. Unknowingly Nate makes a trip to Bath as well and their paths cross. Diana is open to having a lover but Nate is out to prove she is worth so much more than just a lover. 

Overall, This was a great read. I found myself giggling at the end because there are more to come and I really am looking forward to reading about the outgoing cousins of Diana.

The Pirate's Tempting Stowaway
by Erica Ridley

The Dukes of War continues with the delightful story of  Clara Halton and Captain Gregory Steele aka Blackheart. This story runs parallel with book two The Earl's Defiant Wallflower and book three The Captain's Bluestocking Mistress. I'm so happy that Clara got her HEA, her daughter Grace found hers and now that Grace has her own life to live Clara deserves one of her own. I love Erica Ridley's writing, it's always such a pleasure to get one of her ARCs especially this series. 

Captain Blackheart was paid by an earl to bring to London his soon-to-be-wife's mother, Blackheart expecting a old woman accepted the job gladly; but when he got to America and the small town outside of Philadelphia where she was residing her finds a beautiful woman who thinks she is dying of consumption. Clara sent her daughter to London to claim her inheritance; Clara married beneath her station and her mother had a fit and disinherited her. Clara believing she has consumption didn't tell her daughter because she knew Grace wouldn't leave if she knew. It took some convincing on Blackheart's part to get her to leave, but as soon as Clara was on the open seas she got better. Clara also discovered she loved being on The Dark Crystal, she enjoyed being razzed by the sailors, the fresh open air and mostly she loved sleeping in Blackheart's arms each night. 

Once in London, Clara was delivered safely to her family and the past forgiven should have been happy with her daughter, but she doesn't want to be one of those mothers who spends all her time with her daughter, she wanted a life of her own. She sees her chance when she sees The Dark Crystal docked in port. Clara takes a risk and stows away. Blackheart thought he left Clara behind, thinking he could never have her as much as he has fallen in love with her she would have no place in his life. But here she is a stowaway, and now that she is no longer the cargo there is nothing stopping him from seducing her. Blackheart is worried about Clara's safety, he is going after his nemesis, The Crimson Corsair. Clara however proves she isn't just safe but helpful too.

Overall this was a great addition to the Dukes of War series and I  look forward to the next one.     


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