Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ARC REVIEW Atrophy by Jess Anastasi

I'm always on the look for a new sci-fi romance to fall in love with. This is the book. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed this book. The best way I can think to describe it, it's like a darker twisted version of Firefly meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers (both of which I loved). The characters, like with those in Firefly, are all unique and have their own little quirks that makes them charismatic and well just plain likeable. The storyline is captivating and full of mystery and conspiracy, the love story is an easy one, instalove, with an overprotective big brother standing in the way.

The Imojenna is a cargo ship, she is also falling apart. But Captain  Rian Sherron uses her for his own reasons, if only the crew could keep it in one piece. At the beginning of the book she is falling apart and the stubborn AI is ready to dump the cargo hold to keep it on one piece. Their only solution is to land on the nearest planet and make repairs. Unfortunately said planet is Erebus a prison planet, fortunately Rian has connections being an ex-military and a War Hero.

Inmate Tannin Everette has spent the last twelve years of his life on the prison planet of Erebus for a crime that he didn't commit. Tannin learned early on he can have an easy life, well for an inmate at least, by volunteering to do all the menial admin tasks no one else wants to do. In doing this he was in the right place at the right time to overhear the plans for a cargo ship to land for repairs. Tannin sees his opportunity to escape and against all odds was able to escape the inescapable prison planet.

Zahli Sherron is the heart of the crew, little sister to Rian and the money manager she also finds them all their jobs. Zahli is also the first one to meet Tannin, he helps her escape the guard who tricked her and tried to rape her. Zahli in truth saves herself by killing the guard but escapes with Tannin's help. When later she finds him stowed away on board the ship she agrees to help him escape. Rian catches him and the only thing keeping him from turning the ship around and turning him in is the fact he likes the challenge and outwitting the system. As it turns out Tannin ends up being more helpful than any of them imagined. During Tannin's twelve years in Erebus and working in the admin building he because a genius computer wiz. Tannin and Zahli fall in love at first sight, but Rian's no fraternization rule gets in the way especially after Rian kind of threatens Tannin with his freedom if he messes around with Zahli.

The dilapidated ship and her crew are more than they seem. Tannin soon realizes that the cargo business is more of a cover for their real purpose which is to stop a shapeshifting alien race from taking over. I won't go to much more into because I don't want any spoilers but damn. Overall this was a really good book and I am really looking forward to more books especially Rian's.          

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