Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ARC REVIEW Hanover House by Brenda Novak

I haven't read Brenda Novak before and I thought what a perfect time to start then with the prequel novella to a new series she is starting. Hanover House is the perfect origins story, it fills you in on everything you need to know about the characters. I love the idea of doing a prequel like this it was a great little tease of a great story to come.

The psychological aspect of this story is very in depth and the main character, Evelyn Talbot has a out of the box way of thinking and is determined to find out the why and how of serial killers, rapist, and sociopaths so that way people have an early warning sign and can be found and stopped before they can hurt anybody. Evelyn has been the driving force for the Hanover House; it's a place where she and her fellow doctors can study and work with the worst of the worst to find the method behind their madness. So far the only place willing to let her open her madhouse in their town was the tiny village of Hilltop in Alaska. But not everyone is welcoming, during the current stages of construction Evelyn is having to deal with vandalism aimed at her. Alaskan State Trooper Benjamin Murphy, aka. Sgt Amarok who was initially against Hanover House, but accepted the fact that he can't do anything to stop it. Amarok also is strongly attracted to Evelyn and vise versa. But Evelyn has demons of her own that she battles constantly. The whole reason Evelyn got involved in this career choice and made this her life's mission was the fact that her high school boyfriend murdered her two best friends and kidnapped, tortured, and raped her for three days before she managed to escape. He was never found. Now as Evelyn hand picks her subjects she has to deal with the construction of HH and showing the people of Hilltop they have nothing to worry about and unbeknownst to her she is being stalked by her own worst fear.

Overall, this was a great intro to HH, Hanover House, Evelyn and Amarok, and a nice peak at what is to come in the first book Whiteout, coming out later this year (2016).


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