Saturday, January 30, 2016

ARC REVIEW Line of Scrimmage by Desiree Holt

Line of Scrimmage is book two in Desiree Holt's Game On series. If you couldn't tell by the cover it's about a football star (duh) and a woman who has written off all football players as playas after a really bad experience. In that aspect it's a typical trope but as this is Desiree Holt nothing is just typical. Desiree Holt is one of the best when it comes to erotica, this story is tame compared to some of her other stories, but a good read none the less. I'm not big on football in any aspect; unless it's Susan Elizabeth Phillips and her Chicago Stars universe. When it comes to sports romance I'm more of a baseball/hockey kinda girl. With that said I really enjoyed this one. I loved the characters and the story.

Jake Russell and Erin Bass had one hot night. An instant undeniable attraction had both of them acting out of the norm. But the next morning Jake wants to talk about starting an actual relationship and Erin blows him off. She tells Jake there's not need to pretend he want a real relationship he got what he wanted and so did she, there is no need to prolong the inevitable. Jake is thrown for a loop that she thinks that unlike some, most, of the other guys in the NFL he has never been one of those guys. He is hurt and upset that she would think that about him, but instead of staying and trying to change her mind he leaves. The common link between Jake and Erin is Jake's sister Ivy who is also Erin's best friend. Ivy arranged for them to meet knowing they were perfect for each other and now Ivy is confused that what should have been a perfect thing between to people is now just not there.

Some time later, Jake is playing a fantastic first game of the season and out of nowhere bam, he gets injured. He got hit so hard it took him out for the rest of the season, and it's the type of injury that just might take him out of the game permanently. In need of around the clock care Ivy hires the perfect person.

Erin is living on the remains of her last paycheck; the spa where she use to manage changed owners and fired everyone. Ivy offers her the job of being the personal assistant to a very important client of hers and man who needs help around the house and make sure he gets all the care he needs and keeping unwanted people from harassing him. Erin is hesitant but her dwindling bank account and a very generous salary has her accepting the job. Unaware that her new boss is the one man she turned away, for fear of losing her heart to him.

It's a rocky start for Jake and Erin, she wants to quit but she isn't heartless enough to leave Jake without someone to help him. Erin is good for Jake, she helps him in the healing process the stages of grief. Jake is just as good for Erin he has her realize not every football player is a womanizing douchebag like her ex. It's no surprise they fall in love as quickly as they do. Jake never forgot how Erin made him feel that night and how she makes him feel now, but he's afraid now of not being man enough for her. Erin knew she could easily lose her heart to Jake and that is one reason she pushed him away at the beginning but seeing him through this life changing event and learning more about him and his past and everything he has done makes falling in love easy. Because now that she has him she won't let him push her away, no matter what.

Overall, this was a good read. There was a lot of character development with Jake, there's definitely more to him than meets the eye. Erin pretty much is what she appears to be, her big revelation of her painful past was not that shocking. The story overall was enjoyable.  


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