Thursday, February 4, 2016

ARC REVIEW Betting on the Bad Boy by Sugar Jamison

Betting on the Bad Boy is the second part to Sugar Jamison Destiny series. So far the two books are parallel and it doesn't matter which order you read them in. Sugar Jamison has written a series about three brothers who were raised by the town drunk who up and disappeared one day leaving his sister Lolly to raise them. Lolly did the best she could by them but once they were called trash they were forever branded trash, and the first chance they had to leave they left Destiny. Each of the brother is unique. Duke the oldest is a hard and anger man who lives for his custom cars. Colt is the brains of the bunch who turned Duke's custom car business into a billion dollar company. Levi the youngest is the fun loving playboy who hosts the reality show based on King's Customs.

This is Duke King story. Duke King has an interesting story thirteen years ago he fell in love with the judge's daughter. Duke was a hard man even in his youth. The only person to out right show him love after his mother's death was Lolly, he never knew how to express his emotions and never knew what it felt like to truly love. After becoming father to his brothers at the age of fifteen and listened to the town calling him trash for all his life he never thought he was worthy enough for her. Grace knew that the moment she saw Duke that she wanted nothing more than to make him happy, that she could love him forever. But one night their world came crashing down. Duke was arrested for attempted murder, a trumped up charge brought on by Grace's father and the father of the guy Duke was beating the crap out of, who happened to be the Police Chief. Duke served six of his ten years when he got out he started Duke's Customs and with Colt's help they became billionaires. They would have left well enough alone with the hell they once called home but when Lolly called them back home because her failing health.

Grace was devastated when Duke was arrested but due to the hatred her father had for Duke he never knew about his son. Ryder is now thirteen years old a budding trouble maker and in desperate need for a father figure. Duke steps up and wants to be in his son's life and after he gets over his anger he makes a bet with Grace. If he can make it a full month living with them and being Ryder's father than she will let him move them to Vegas with him. The time he spends with Ryder has a rocky start but with the two of them being so similar Duke quickly falls into line with being a good father. Grace is confused she never stopped loving Duke and while she is scared he is just going to leave she can't stop making love to him every night. It's rocky between Grace and Duke also slowly relearning each other and truths about their time apart being told and Duke's overbearing nature to take over and give Grace the life she deserves butts head with Grace's overprotective and stubborn need to do everything herself.

Overall this was a quick good read. I love how the town that hated them is slowly growing to love the King boys. I can't wait for Levi's story.    

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