Thursday, February 25, 2016

ARC REVIEW Drive by Sidney Bristol

I love Sydney Bristol she always has a well written story and sympathetic characters. I love cars, I know almost nothing about the internal workings of cars but I love cars. This is like Fast and the Furious (really the second one) and Sydney does a fabulous job writing the action both with the cars and with roller derby. Sydney use to do roller derby herself so the action sequence for the bout was worded so well I could easily picture it in my head. Madison is a great character, I loved her she got dealt a bad hand she made a bad decision and now she is trying to fix her life for the better, away from her manipulative ex-husband. Aiden is a heart throb, bad boy with a heart of gold, stuck in a situation he must see through no matter how difficult it winds up being doing things he would rather not do. Aiden didn't think he deserved Madison but she was just what he needed.

Trying to finally nail something on a drug lord an undercover group street racers on contract with the FBI have personal reasons for tying to get this guy busted but after three years they finally have a break it lies with one of his minions, Dustin. Aiden has managed to earn Dustin's trust as much as you can earn a drug dealers trust. Dustin wants Aiden to steal a hard drive his ex-wife has hidden away. It should have been easy but as soon as Aiden sees Madison skating around the drive-in diner he knows this just got way more complicated than ever. Madison left her husband three years ago, but the divorce was finally finalized six months ago. Finally free of him and she still wasn't free of him he kept sending goons over to try and steal something from her, she also has police on her tail trying to get her to turn states evidence against him. Madison has learned her lesson about dating bad boys, so when the bad boy in the hot rod shows up she's hesitant, but then the unexpected he outright admits that he plans to ruin Dustin and needs her help. Madison doesn't like that she is so strongly attracted to Aiden but she can't help it. Slowly he earns her trust enough to give him what he wants.

Overall, with the car races and roller derby bouts this is a hot action packed story; emotional turmoil and steamy love scenes it rounds off the first book of the series and make me anxious for more.  

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