Tuesday, February 23, 2016

ARC REVIEW How to Wed a Warrior by Christy English

Book two of Christy English's Broadsword & Ballrooms, How to Wed a Warrior. I liked this much more than the first book. This one had a little more substance to it. Robert and Pru were a very entertaining couple to read. It's a light read, and very entertaining. As always I freakin' love Mary Elizabeth and with a bit of teasing for her story I can't wait for the next book.

Mary Elizabeth is up to her usual mischief, but as usual it's not intentional. Brandishing her broadsword on an unsuspecting gentleman she is saved by a prim lady. Prudence Whittaker is hiding from the ton, all of her friends abandoned her when her brother disappeared at sea with a good portion of money financed by their friends. Pru believes he is dead because no way could he steal all that money and just leave her there to face the consequences. Pru has put on the appearance of a widow to find work as a companion. She was suppose to go and work for one young girl and help her introduction into society when she runs across Mary and her her broadsword pointed at an old friend of hers. Pru successfully gets Mary and Robert out of that situation. As soon as Robbie sees her and the way she seamlessly handled Mary he know he must hire her for Mary. He also didn't expect the rush of lust her felt for her.

Offering Pru an obscene amount of money to help Mary, Robbie figures he could easily make her his mistress; Pru has other plans. Pru hears rumors floating around that her brother is still alive and hiding out on the docks. With the Waters family to help Pru is sure to find out the truth eventually. In the meantime she is trying hard not to fall in love with Robbie. Robbie soon finds out it's not just lust he is feeling for Pru and he works hard to prove to her that once he has her he will never let her go. Even if it means saving her brother.

Overall, there was a lot more to this book than the first one and it also introduces the eldest brother, I really can't wait for that one; and of course Mary Elizabeth meets her match.      

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