Thursday, February 11, 2016

ARC REVIEW I Wish You Were Mine by Lauren Layne

Lauren Layne's second book in her Oxford series and no, still not Lincoln's story. But Jackson so makes up for it. This book was a quick and easy read I practically inhaled it. I love Lauren Layne she is my go to author when I want chic and sleek characters without the cliche billionaire/fashionistas that usually annoy me. Jackson is annoyingly frustrating you want to reach into the book and smack him; but he's a good guy and he's just stuck in the past he just needed to look forward instead of behind him and Mollie is the perfect person to show him. Mollie is geeky and shy and absolutely adorable at times. You really root for her throughout the book.

Mollie and Jackson have quite a past they were in-laws. Unfortunately Mollie fell in love with Jackson the night he married her sister. Through the marriage Jackson and Mollie became close they became best friends. When Jackson started having problems with Madison, Mollie was the one he went confided in. Madison became a manipulative, cheating, spotlight hogging b***h. She loved the notoriety she got being married to a NFL player. She started horrible rumors about him just to make her cheating self look good to her fans. When Jackson was in a horrible accident and was forced to retire, he wasn't even out of the hospital before she served him divorce papers. Jackson was devastated by the end of his career and his marriage he found himself with a wide open future and no idea what to do. He finds himself moving to New York with the new job as fitness editor for Oxford magazine; he picked  New York because that's where Mollie was.

Mollie had mixed feeling about Jackson being in town she was happy he was here but sadden by the fact it meant it was because his career and marriage were over. Mollie was looking for a place to live and Jackson offered one of his spare rooms until she could find another place. Both Jackson and Mollie didn't want to feel the way they felt because Madison. But passion overrides any doubt and they end up in bed together. Jackson's hesitancy to move forward and face the fact that his career in football is over comes between him and Mollie as well as Madison who always has an ulterior motive.

Overall, this was a great one and it sets up a little for Lincoln's story which I'm happy to say will be the next book.            

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