Thursday, March 10, 2016

ARC REVIEW Divine Ecstasy by Setta Jay

YAY!!! OMG! so I have been waiting for this one. Hades and Sacha. I started off with this series kind of iffy, I was in the middle but by the time the last couple of books rolled by I was addicted. When the last book left off as a cliffhanger for Hades and Sacha I was gnawing at the bit for the rest of their story. I loved it it's just as hot and erotic as always and you see Hades in a different light then previously. This was a very satisfying read.

Sacha was a slave to Apollo and Hermes. Her sister died and left her with the task of taking care of her son. Sacha took it to heart and was able to get Bastion away from the Apollo and Hermes and both together were reborn into Guardians of the Realm. Sacha has watched the other Guardians meet their mates and from her past experiences she really wasn't anxious for that to happen. Then Sacha was poisoned and the others were unable to heal her so she remained in a coma. Until Hades sensed her and realized she was his soul mate.

Hades was a bit of a man whore in the previous book but as soon as he found Sacha that all changed and when he found out about her past he did everything in his power to make her comfortable with accepting the mate bond. It also intensified his hatred of Apollo. Hades is good for Sacha he helps her come out of her emotional shell she built for herself and vise versa. Sacha helps calm down Hades' autocratic side.

The story continues with the story arc of the previous books, it helps if you have read them but it can easily be read without the others. There is no real clear defined antagonist but an old one foreshadowing. It is predominately Hades and Sacha working together to complete the bonding and getting use to each other. There is also an introduction to new characters from the other world;  also quite a bit about Pothos and ends in a cliffhanger with his upcoming story.
Overall, I loved this one. I had high hopes for Hades and Sacha and was not disappointed. I do have one question though... Is the "ch" in Sacha's name the Greek ch with the "kh" sound or the French "ch" with the "sh" sound?

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