Thursday, March 31, 2016

ARC REVIEW Highland Awakening by Jennifer Haymore

This is the second book in The Highland Knights series by Jennifer Haymore. I liked this one it was a case of insta-lust turned love. It was amusing to read and despite some little things that I didn't like it was a nice read. I liked Esme very much she is a shy and socially awkward woman more comfortable with just being an observer then in the center of attention. Esme is the same Esme from the House of Trent series but it is not pivotal to read that series before you read this book. Camden had his moments he could be a bit of a turd, he was manipulative and while his intentions were in the right place that whole situation was off putting. But I liked the way Esme handled it. The main storyline (aside from the romance) was a little heartbreaking, (why!?!?! why did you do it?!?!) and very exciting.

Things are slow for the secret spy organization Highland Knights they are stuck babysitting a pompous Lord who has been getting threats. While babysitting one night at the Lord's favorite brothel Camden McLeod runs into a beautiful cloaked girl. He never catches her name but one forbidden kiss later and he can't stop thinking about her. To his surprise the next night he discovers her identity as Lady Esme Hawkins the young sister of the Duke of Trent. Cam knew he wanted Esme but after spending time with her just talking and getting to know her he knew one night just wouldn't be enough. The only problem she's already engaged to some boring and drool man who clearly isn't good enough for her. And que the first manipulation. Esme has a secret, she is a published writer. She writes under a pen name and she has told no-one until now. But then her fiance finds out and dumps her she feels it's the right time to confess to her brother and sister-in-law. Furious because the only way her fiance could have found out was from Cam she confronts him. Cam distracts her by seducing her. Cam realizes he can't live without Esme and proceeds the only why he knows how by taking control of the situation, and cue the second manipulation. Meanwhile, the Highland Knights are being attacked and as much as Cam wants to get down to the bottom of this he keeps getting distracted by Esme.  

Overall, I liked it and I'm enjoying the series and look forward to the other.

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