Thursday, March 3, 2016

ARC REVIEW I Kissed a Rogue by Shana Galen

Book three of Shana Galen's Covent Garden Cubs and I'm sad to say that I really didn't care for this one. I liked Brook and that's about it. The plot seemed a little contrived and I just could not get emotionally invested in the story and the characters and their plight. I found myself getting very easily distracted and had to push myself to finish.

Lady Lillian-Anne was a spoiled girl when Brook Derring first meet her, he fell in love with her and she broke his heart. Seven years later Lila has changed, the death of her mother gave her new perspective. Lila's life changes further when she was kidnapped and rescued by Brook and then forced to marry him to save her life. So Brook has to keep her safe and find Beezle, the kidnapper and murder who is after Lila, and stop Beezle before he can get to Lila. This was very slow and I wish there was more to this story line then Lila and Brook bickering back and forth.

There is a fine line between love and hate and this is a prime example of it. They don't want to love each other so they act like they hate each other, and it really gets old. Brook is trying to save Lila's life and she just keeps acting like a spoiled brat. After being forced to spend time with each other Lila realizes how good of a man Brook is and Brook realizes how much Lila has changed.

Overall, this was lack luster. I liked Brook I wish he had a better story.  

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