Thursday, March 17, 2016

ARC REVIEW Risking It All by Christi Barth

Risking it All is the first book in the Naked Men series. Naked Men is a blog hosted by friends at first just to keep in contact with each other in college but spread to something so much more. It's men showing how men are in their true stripped down with nothing to lose. The friends hosting formed a brotherhood in their teens when they were on a soccer trip in Europe and their bus crashed and stranded them in the Alps and forced to survive and find help on their own. I thought this was a great idea, it's not your typical scenario and it gives the guys a unique bond.

Griffin Montgomery is the unspoken leader of the group he was captain of their soccer team and the one who rallied them when they were stranded and lost in the Alps. Griffin was labeled the hero and that has stuck with him he in turn became a pilot for the Coast Guard and runs rescue missions. But this last rescue risked his crew and his chopper and even thought he saved the lives of three people his boss was not happy and grounded him.

Chloe Widmore found her calling after a traumatic event, she herself was labeled a hero as well but what Chloe has done with her as been anything but exciting. Chloe is a professional letter writer, she loves it. She sits in a coffee shop and finds just the right paper the right pen and then creates just the write letter for her client, she finds peace it. But Chloe's life has gotten monotonous, and much to the chagrin of her best friend has no wish to change that. Until one day sitting in her normal seat in her normal coffee shop her life changes.

When Chloe and Grif meet it is instantaneous the attraction, the spark, the banter between the two is amusing. Everything is going well, they even own up to their traumatic pasts, but When Chloe admits to being a virgin Grif freaks out. Chloe is ready and wants Grif to be the one she's with, but after thinking it over and talking with his friends he agrees but he wants to take his time. He wants to woo her, and make sure she really knows what she wants. But not all that glitters is gold and their happy relationship gets rocky when Chloe's fears and Grif's fearless ways clash.

Overall, this was a decent read, it was enjoyable. I really couldn't connect to the characters I liked them well enough and the story progression was nice and it was well written. I just couldn't really get emotionally invested in it.          

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