Saturday, April 30, 2016

ARC REVIEW Three Weeks to Wed by Ella Quinn

First impressions on this book, it's a Regency version of Yours, Mine and Ours.(1968 Lucy Ball and Henry Fonda; I love older movies and as much as I love Dennis Quaid I don't count the 2005 remake) If you like cute 'n silly books with a heavy dose of insta-love, this is a good book. I liked it well enough and the family dynamic is great the family members are the comic relief of the story let us not forget the two great danes. The biggest difference between Three Weeks to Wed and Yours, Mine and Ours aside from the fact that one is regency and the other is in the nineteen sixties, is that in the movie is two widowers with 10 and 8 kids the book is the story of the oldest sister,Grace, taking on guardianship of her brothers and sisters all seven of them; and an Earl, Matt, who is taking care of his step mother and his three half sisters. The conflict is mainly internal for Grace for the majority of the book, she has fought hard to maintain guardianship of her siblings and has accepted that she will remain a spinster. She has to come to terms with the fact Matt really does love her and wants to help her with the children. There is some external conflict with one of Grace's relatives and an idiot religious zealot. But those are all solved pretty quickly.

Grace has been in love with Matt the Earl of Worthington since her first season. When Grace meets him again he doesn't recognize her and she seizes the opportunity to have one night of sin with him before she is forever set on the shelf. Stuck at an Inn during a storm Grace and Matt share the private parlor; through tea time and dinner they talk, Grace never revealing who she is. By the end of dinner Matt has decided she would be the perfect wife for him and by morning he was in love. The only problem was that she disappeared before he woke up and he never learned her name. Grace realized the mistake she made as soon as she woke up. She should have never done it because now that she knows what she's missing it worse then it was before. Fate has a funny way of bring together the people that need to be together. Through mutual friends Matt finds Grace again and as soon as it becomes obvious to their family that they love each other but Grace is stubborn the siblings all work together to make sure the transition is a smooth one and that Grace really has nothing to worry about. The bad sheep of Grace's family shows up and misreads the situation and tries to get money by way of blackmail.

Over all this was a cute read. There isn't a lot of conflict just stubbornness and it is a quick and easy read.    

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