Thursday, May 5, 2016

ARC REVIEW Flash of Fire by M.L. Buchman

I wish I found this series earlier. Flash of Fire is part of the Firehawks series about an elite group of firefighters who form the Mount Hood Aviation a private company that helps put out wild fires and something a little bit more top secret. Firehawks is a spin-off of Buchman's Night Stalkers series also an elite team of helicopter pilots doing super secret spy stuff. I don't think you have to read the other books in order to enjoy this one but the supporting characters are the H/hs from the previous books and it's just good background for them and for M.H.A. I enjoyed the story well enough, it was a little dry in some spots and really intense in other and it kinda balances out; the romance was probably the best part for me. Of course my favorites always tend to be the reluctant woman and the insta-love man. Robin and Mickey were great characters I love the way they were written and Mickey is a playboy but as soon as he sets eyes on Robin he has eyes for no one else.

Robin Harrow wants more to life than just being a waitress at her Mom's diner, in her Grandmother's truck stop. She joined the National Guard and learned to fly, but due to so much time being grounded and not being able to fly her copter she leaves. Still yearning to be something more she applies for a very coveted position as a pilot for Mount Hood Aviation. She never expected to get the job, but she got the job before the interview was over. Mickey Hamilton was just thinking about a summer fling with the new girl but before he knew it; her skills at flying, her attitude, and her beauty, and he was head over heals and ready for a permanent commitment. Robin believes that the Harrow women don't marry, her grandmother didn't, her momma didn't and she won't either. So when Mickey confesses his love for her she runs scared even if in her heart she knows she loves him too. The fire season isn't easy on them, right off the bat they are battling a Canadian Fire and after a short reprieve they end up on their way to Korea to help put out a fire on the border of North and South and also a super secret directly from the President mission.

Overall, this was a good book and a fun and entertaining read.  

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