Saturday, May 28, 2016

ARC REVIEW Heart of a Bad Boy by Sugar Jamison

Sugar Jamison wraps up the Destiny series with Levi and Shelly's story. Until you get to the epilogue of this story it doesn't matter in which order you read it. Bad Boy CEO and Betting on the Bad Boy are pretty much reversible and I would say it about Heart of a Bad Boy but the epilogue is kind of the piece de resistance, it was the closure for the series. However can I see another Destiny book outside the King family, yes; and I hope we get one.

Levi and Shelly have been best friends since Levi moved in next door. Two unlikely friends one of those bad King boys and the Church Deacon daughter. But never the less, through thick and thin and although apart for the last 13 years they have been close. Shelly know Levi is a playboy all she has to do is look in the media and see he's with a different girl, girls who are the completely different from her, but it doesn't stop her from loving him. When Levi gets called back home the first place he goes is to see Shelly. Shelly's father is out of state on a much needed vacation while he is gone Shelly decides that she is going to do all the stuff she could never do with her father here, and lucky enough Levi is here to help corrupt her, I mean help her.
Thirteen years with out seeing his best friend and Levi is stunned by how beautiful a woman Shelly has grown into. Helping her find her true self without the watchful eye of her father and Shelly blossoms into a confident young woman. Levi just needs a little push to realize that his friendship with Shelly has always been love.      

Overall, I love these brothers. Levi however managed to be the sweetest most romantic of the three, I mean what he did to prove his love to Shelly... happy cry, ugly cry but a happy one.

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