Saturday, May 21, 2016

ARC REVIEW Kill or be Kilt by Victoria Roberts

I have really enjoyed this series I'm so glad Walsingham a big family. Book three in the series takes place three years after the last book and sixteen year old Elizabeth Walsingham has grown up and is now a beauty and has convinced herself that she is over her childish crush of Laird Ian Munro. I very much enjoyed this one just as much as the previous two; secrets and lies, murders and mayhem, and just the right amount of romance and seduction. I know I have a good book whenever I pick up a Victoria Roberts book her writing is captivating and if life hadn't kept getting in the way of my reading I would have inhaled this book in a day. The murder mystery of the book was a good one, I figured it out but it was exciting when the truth came out.

It's been three years since Laird Ruairi and Laird Ian have been forced to attend the King at court all because of Ravenna's pull with the King. But unfortunately the Walsingham's uncle died suddenly in a carriage accident and they must travel to England to comfort their aunt. While down there they must pay a visit at court. Elizabeth has waited three years for Ian to come back, after Grace and Fagan's wedding he never returned to visit, but now that they have to court he will be traveling with them. Grace has given up on Ian wanting her and as much as she tries to convince herself that she has out grown her crush her heart still flutters when she sees him. She has decided that she needs to go to court with Ruairi, Fagan , and Ian so she can find herself a husband. Grace understands and she helps convince Ravenna and the men that it is a wise choice.

Ian wasn't expecting little Elizabeth to be such a stunning woman. At first he stayed away because she was so young but now that she is older he doesn't feel worthy enough for her, but seeing other men flirt with her and Fagan talking some sense into him helps him come to terms with his true feelings for Elizabeth. It's so cute how Ian tries to prove himself to Elizabeth it's enough to make you swoon. All the while the advisers to the King are getting killed off. Unbeknownst to Elizabeth it's in her blood to get right in the middle of things and she manages to figure it all out. To top it all off she finally learns what really happened with Grace and her former fiancee and with Ravenna before that and about how she comes from a long line of spies.

Overall this was a great story and just as good as the first two. I can't decide which one I liked better and I can't wait for Torquil and Kathrine's story.  

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