Tuesday, May 3, 2016

ARC REVIEW Mated to the Werewolves by Crystal L. Shaw

Book Five of Crystal L. Shaw's Shifters of Shadow Falls. I have not read any of the other books in this series and I do feel like I've missed out on something but just picking this up and reading it was fine, it isn't imperative that you read the others but it's a good idea. This is the first book by Shaw that I have read and I hope it's not the last. I'm not crazy over first person but I make exceptions if the story is good enough. The story at times felt a little rushed the action was succinct and I kind of wish there was a bit more detail. The niece and nephew kind of disappear halfway through. I could of passed on the whole delivery part, been there done that really don't want to read about it. There was a lot of detail there.

Jude Black was sent to spy on the rival pack. Shadow was once alpha to the Shadow Falls pack but was so horrible a new, and rightful, Alpha took control. Shadow then created a new pack full of junkies and worthless equally horrible werewolves. Shadow so intent on being the best takes a mate that isn't rightfully his. Lena was told by a seer that she would mate an alpha and help him create a strong pack, Lena was mislead when introduced to Shadow. Shadow took her and lied to her made her life hell and now that she is pregnant with his pup, she knows her time living is running out. Jude was surprised when he discovered his mate was already mated and pregnant, what made it even worse was the way she was treated. she was chained, practically starved, and obviously the victim of physical and verbal abuse. Jude had to risk everything it just to save her.

Lena was uncertain when the male came to save her she didn't know what he wanted or if she was even going to survive at the hands of a rival pack. Hesitant at first but slowly realizes that this new pack was nothing like Shadows or even her birth pack she was even more shocked to discover that Jude is her mate. She couldn't feel the connection right away but Jude worked slowly to gain her trust and with that trust she started to feel the connection. Things don't get any easier, Jude is made aware that trouble in his birth pack is stirring and it has to do with the rebel vampires wanting to turn against The Assembly. Jude and his brothers must finally go back home and face the father who tried to kill them.

Overall, I loved the story, there were elements of it I wasn't crazy over. But I do want to read the others.    

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