Saturday, May 7, 2016

ARC REVIEW That Darkness by Lisa Black

That Darkness is the start of a new series for Lisa Black. I figured what a better place to start. I glad I did. Lisa Black really proves that she knows her stuff both with forensic science and with weaving a tangled web of deceit and murder all together to make an outstanding story. This is kind of like Death Wish with a mix of Dexter and CSI. No Romance! This is one of my not in the mood for romance books. What I liked about this book is the in depth look at what Maggie does, as the forensic technician she sees the dots that no one else has connected yet. Maggie's specializes is fingerprints but she does just about what ever they need her to do.  Jack Renner is a detective and a vigilante. Jack had a turning point in his life where he decided due process is flawed and to take matter into his own hands. He has been tracking down this specific person for a long time and has finally caught up with her. In the mean time he in finds people who have gotten away with their crimes and take matters into his own hands.

It all started with the discovery of a Jane Doe in a cemetery. A young girl that Maggie was able to discover who she was. Jack knowing the white slavers would get away with it dealt with it himself. But when the dead body shows up in the morgue Maggie is able to connect it with another body. Outwardly the two have no obvious connection but Maggie is able to connect them through trace evidence. With the permission of the lead detective Maggie starts to investigate the connection. Jack is recruited to help. Meanwhile Jack is stalking a serial rapist for his next victim. Jack tries to throw Maggie off the trail but Maggie isn't that easy to fool.

Overall, this was a great suspense, crime mystery. It gets pretty intense.  

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