Tuesday, May 3, 2016

ARC REVIEW The Trouble with Temptation by Shiloh Walker

More fun with trouble! We are back in McKay's Treasure, Mississippi and this time we are following the started "relationship" between Brannon and Hannah. I tell you it was really weird because Brannon is only one letter off from my brother and I had to try really hard to keep my brain from auto-correcting it. Other than that I loved it! Shiloh Walker took the cliched trope of pregnant with amnesia and gave it the Shiloh flare. If you are new to the series I don't think it is absolutely necessary to read the previous book, Hannah doesn't remember what happened and it all becomes revealed. So this can be read before the first one but their is a undercurrent story that is present throughout the first and second books to be concluded in the last. I love Shiloh Walker she has a very engaging writing style and I always get so absorbed in her book.

Hannah Parker woke up in the hospital with no memories except for the name of the man with the brilliant green eyes and the vivid red hair. Brannon McKay realized the huge mistake he made when he turned Hannah away and now that she is pregnant and doesn't remember Brannon knows he has a second chance to make it up to her. Hannah is still in danger the police still don't know what happened why she was in someone else's car or if she was the intended target or if she just witnessed something she wasn't supposed to something that ended in the death of another woman. This person is running scared because he doesn't know what Hannah remembers but he is willing to get rid of her before she does. Hannah knows Brannon isn't telling the full truth, she can just feel it, but she doesn't push him away because she also knows she loves him and has loved him for most of her life so she will enjoy it while she can. Until she finally remembers.

Overall, this is a fresh new take on a classic trope and I thoroughly enjoyed going back to McKay's Treasure for a bit more mischief.          

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