Thursday, May 19, 2016

#TBT One Pink Rose by Julie Garwood

This is the start of something new, I'm going to be doing a #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) Review it can be any book that's been published 5 years or longer. For the first book I am doing a book I have read and loved and even better it's been re-released, One Pink Rose is book two of the Rose Hill/ Clayborne Brides series. The first book, For the Roses, I recommend reading just because it introduces the whole family and how they got where they are and along with it a wonderful romance between the only girl in the family and her past.

One Pink Rose is about the youngest brother, Travis. Now Mama Rose has her heart set on finding good wives for her boys. Her daughter is all set and happily married with a baby on the way and now Mama Rose is meddling.

Mama Rose was swindled! and Travis Clayborne won't have it he's out to find the man who stole the compass from Mama, she had a gift for everyone but this gold compass was for Colt. Travis is taking it personal no one steals from Mama Rose. So he sets out to track down this ruffian but first he has to run an errand for Mama. It seems that she promised that Travis would escort a mail order bride to her waiting groom. Emily Finnegan is a wonder to behold, she is smart, head strong, and feisty. She was previously engaged but the loser left her at he alter for her sister, so now Emily thinks she has to change who she is so she can be happy. She arranged the mail order bride plans and she is determined to be the best wife she can be; if only she can get there. Emily has had the worst luck getting from Boston to Montana one escort got food poisoning and the second was shot so now she is stranded.

Travis thinks this will be a quick job, but he soon realizes after meeting Emily it won't be a walk in the park. It doesn't help he likes everything about her. Emily did a silly thing, she fell in love with Travis. Overall, this is a funny, cute, and quick read. I love Julie Garwood's western romances. I'm glad this has been re-released.

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