Thursday, August 11, 2016

ARC REVIEW Devil and the Deep by Julie Ann Walker

Finally book two of Julie Ann Walker's Deep Six series, it came out last month and man it is a fast paced Adventure Romance. Bran of course drool worthy and the story makes you think, "Damn can't that girl catch a break" because once again someone is after Maddy; heiress to billionaire oil tycoon the same Maddy they tried to kidnap in the first book. Bran I liked, Maddy not so much I liked her more when she wasn't the main focus of the story. I found her annoying at times, it's that Texas stereotype and those old sayings, Maddy just gets annoying with those stupid colloquialisms; in stressful times they do not have a place not even to relieve tension.

Since the events of the previous book Bran and Maddy have been emailing back and forth. Maddy eventually sets up a field trip for some scholarship hopefuls to one of the many islands, and one that just happens to be near Bran so of course she invites him to speak about the treasure hunting. But someone else has other plans. They were suppose to kidnap Maddy and demand ransom get the money and that's it easy right? Well Bran, Mason, and the linguist they brought on at the end of book one Alex get to the island just as they hear gun fire. Bran and Mason as former SEALs flip the switch and immediately go into rescue mode. Alex stays on the boat and waits for the signal. Bran heads them straight on while Mason flanks them. They manage to separate Maddy and the park ranger from the hostage takers but not the three girls that Maddy brought along. I loved the action and Bran is so cheesy when he starts to quote movies in probably the most inopportune times, but I would probably do the same, I love that he is a movie buff. I really loved Mason and Alex! I really hope the next book is theirs. The romance between Bran and Maddy was just okay. Bran is fighting it but he keeps getting jealous and it's messing with Maddy until finally boom they have sex and Bran still is hesitant to call it a relationship.

Overall, I loved the action part of the story and the predictable twist at the end, Alex and Mason I loved too but i kind of wanted more of the treasure hunt which just touched a little on that in the beginning.        

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