Saturday, August 20, 2016

ARC REVIEW Gone to Deep by Katie Ruggle

Mmmmmm George. Ok Gone Too Deep is 3 in the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue series by Katie Ruggle. I noticed something while reading this book. I really have a thing for the strong silent types. (probably because IRL my hubby won't shut up) I want a George of my own, I'm gonna hug you and kiss you and love you forever, sorry I sometimes channel Elmyra Duff.

The on going whodunnit finally reveals whodunndidit. I was disappointed with it, not so much the who but it was predictable. I just kind of rolled my eyes and thought eh go figure. I loved everything else about the book. I really love reading books where the main characters are freezing their asses off while I'm boiling in 100+ degree weather.

Ellie is the daughter of Baxter Price, the man who identified the victim in book one. He called Ellie to tell her he loved her and that they were after him and they were trying to kill him. Ellie knows her father suffers from paranoid delusions all part of his PTSD, and after that call she got really worried about him and tracked him down. She tracks him to the tiny town of Simpson, Colorado. Ellie strikes up an insta-friendship with Lou who helps her find out exactly where her father is. The only problem now is that Ellie now needs a guide to take her out there and while the over friendly and kind of creepy and unsettling Joseph Acconcio would be more than willing to take her, her best bet is the silent, broad, tall, gorgeous, and bearded George Holloway. George can't resist the over her head clueless Ellie he normally doesn't take people up the mountain but he's not going to let Joseph take her up. Everything goes relatively smoothly until they get robbed, yes robbed in the middle of the forest, George's camping gear is the only thing taken due to some quick thinking, then there is an avalanche and woo a bunch happens. They are are running for their lives because the thugs who robbed them are trying to kill George for...well reasons. George and Ellie fall for each other, of course, but with the differences between them they are both unsure how to handle everything when the journey is over.

Overall, move over Ian Walsh it's time for George! I loved how Ellie was able to draw out the shy George and get him from grunting to actually speaking in sentences. This was a really exciting book and the characters I just love all of them, well except for Joseph he's an ass. What I like about Katie Ruggle's writing she pulls you in, you really want to know what happens to these people next. She is also so knowledgeable about what she's writing about it makes it all the more realistic.      

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