Thursday, August 11, 2016

ARC REVIEW Heating Up by Stacy Finz

This is book seven in the Nugget series by Stacy Finz. As usual I really enjoyed this one, I loved the main characters and the story. (Love Firemen!!!) The end of this one was predictable something similar happened in my hometown when I was little and remember my Dad telling me about it. But that doesn't take away from the story or the romance between Dana and Aidan. Aidan is the brother to Slone from the last book. Aidan's girlfriend of many years breaks up with him because he's doesn't want to marry her, so to get away he moves to Nugget joins Cal Fire as one of their arson investigators. Dana Calloway was introduced to us in one of the prior books she's a real estate agent who briefly dated Griffin but it ended when he finally got together with Lina. Dana swore off men especially since she tends to fall for the ones emotionally invested in other women, her fiance dumped her when the woman he really loved divorced her husband and then there was Griffin.

I love that Dana is shy, she a great real estate agent but when it comes to socializing with other people she gets very unsure about herself and doesn't know how to act. I love that Aidan is the opposite he's quick to make friends and has no problems in social situations. I especially like how Aidan was able to draw Dana out of her shell and make her feel like part of the gang make her feel welcome and show her that people are interested in talking to her about real estate and such. There was an unexpected side of Sloane to overprotective little sister who turned out to be kind of a bitch, but that's okay I forgive her.

Dana's house catches on fire and has nowhere to go. Aidan just moved into Tawny's old house and has an extra room, he feels bad for Dana and offers her the spare room. Dana turns the house into a home. Aidan realizes the reason he never married his ex, the only thing he has to do is convince Dana he really loves her and that he's not just settling for her. All the while trying to find out who the firebug is that is setting fires around Nugget.

Overall, I really did love this one it was nicely paced and the characters are fantastic. I adore this series.


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