Thursday, August 11, 2016

ARC REVIEW Once Upon a Moonlit Night by Elizabeth Hoyt

This novella takes place right after, almost parallel with Duke of Sin. Hippolyta Royle we meet as the woman Duke of Montgomery was blackmailing into marriage but help to escape by the woman he later married. We last saw Hippolyta running for her life away from the Duke and his men she ran until she came across a carriage and begged for a ride. Matthew Mortimer doesn't believe her, but he's been out of the country and isn't up on the latest gossip or the who's who of the ton. Matthew was just going to leave her at the next inn but after an incident he decides to take her all the way to London. The attraction is there even when Hippolyta is covered in mud and grime and just when they let the attraction get the best of them they run into Hippolyta's father and Matthew is forced to announce their engagement. But Hippolyta is facing a new threat of blackmail that's keeping her from Matthew and her HEA.

Overall, it really is a nice novella it felt that it was a good length, nicely paced none of the parts felt overly slow or rushed. The characters are all likeable and the story a nice concussion for Hippolyta for those of us were left wondering what heck happened to her.  

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