Saturday, August 6, 2016

ARC REVIEW Shift by Sidney Bristol

YAY! I love Sidney Bristol and her Hot Rides series especially this book feeds my loves romance, fast cars, and computers. (I really can't wait until her Beauty and the Geek comes out) A group of people under contract to the FBI with one purpose to take down Michael Evers. But with him in jail now and no word from the FBI powers that be everyone is just waiting around for the other shoe to drop. It drops, it drops in the form of Russian assassins out to kill the two daughter for former KGB spy. My two favorite parts had to deal with one a Tesla Roadster and the other a '57 Chevy Bel Aire. This book was super good! high speed chases, shoot outs, car sex, fast paced story; I inhaled this book.

Emery Martin the quiet computer expert deep undercover FBI agent for the Classic Rides team finds out that the Russians have put out a hit and the uber assassin is on his way now. Emery's priorities switch and his only goal now is to protect Tori at all costs. Just when they think it couldn't get any worse, the FBI is releasing Evers, the idiot rival street gang The Eleventh are in deep with the people out to get even with Classic Rides and Michael Evers and their is someone even worse than Michael Evers out there pulling the strings.

Tori and Roni were raised by their father, former KGB, he raised them like little soldiers. When he finally died Toni and Roni became contract agents for the FBI; an easy way for the government to keep on eye on them. Tori has had a crush on Emery for years, she's trust him and so when he says the Russian mob sent their best assassin to kill you and Roni we need to leave now, she goes. It's nothing new for her she is use to just picking up and changing herself to someone else, but she likes the life she has here and she likes Emery. Emery always had a thing for Tori but never thought he was good enough for her. With her life on the line and everything going to shit they both finally realize they share the same feelings for each other. Trust is what will keep them alive and together.

Overall, I think I liked it more than the first book, it was definitely more intense and well hot nerd.  

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