Tuesday, August 9, 2016

ARC REVIEW Stormswept by Deborah Martin aka Sabrina Jeffries

I enjoy Sabina Jeffries. I don't understand why an author uses a pseudonym when the real name is in the largest font on the book. This was a good, amusing, and emotional story. It's about true love that was torn apart by a selfish man who lied and connived to getting what he wanted and what he thought was right, even if it meant sacrificing the happiness of his sister. I liked this one it was a heart wrencher, you have two people who love each other so much but spent the last seven years apart, one kept the hope that the other was still alive and would come back while the other was forced into the Navy and tortured on a daily basis and grew to believe the lies that were told.  Juliana was told by her liar of a brother that the investigators discovered her husband was dead only then was she convinced that she should remarry.

Juliana snuck off with her lady's maid to a Welsh rally, where they were determined to take Wales back from the English; the main speaker captivated Juliana. Rhys Vaughn was equally captivated by the beautiful Juliana, but when he found out just who she was he immediately thought the worst. His misconception was soon proven wrong and he worked to make Juliana believe that he was wrong and deserved a second chance. They quickly fell in love and decided the only way was to run off and get married. Juliana's brothers found out they were to late to stop her but what they did do was worse. They kidnapped Rhys and his friend and sold them to the British Navy and that's one of the worst places for welshmen to be. When Rhys comes back he finds his wife he believes betrayed him about to become engaged to another man. It takes a lot for Rhys to fully comprehend what happened and even more for him to believe Juliana. But Juliana is determined not to give up until he believes her.

Overall, this was really good. I loved Juliana and Rhys and the side story with her former lady's maid and her brother and as bad as he was I think he deserves a bit of redemption he truly was remorseful in the end. This is a reissue previously printed in the mid nineties.  

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