Tuesday, August 9, 2016

ARC REVIEW The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

OMG! Okay so this is my non-romance read. This is a post apocalyptic Yukon survival novel. I don't know what to think when I picked this novel except that the synopsis intrigued me. It was like subliminal message telling me I must read. The first chapter pulls you in, it continues at a much slower pace but once you get into it... it was addictive. I was up all night reading it. What happened to make the bombs drop and what changed the world is vague, when Elka first mentions it she states she never really cared about how it happened, it happened it's in the past and she lives in the now not the past. It does eventually give more details but it's an interesting take on what happens after. The Yukon Gold Rush basically gets a reset button, the bombs open up some veins of gold and that sparks a new rush of fools looking to become rich. Mother nature also got mean, everything became much worse winter, tornadoes everything. This thriller has a great story and a nice twist.

Elka doesn't remember her real name, when she was seven a massive storm tore her house up and spirited her away. She landed miles away she picked a direction and started walking the first person she came across she called Trapper. He raised her to be just like him a tracker and hunter to know how to live off the land for ten years she has cared for him like a father but one day in town she sees a poster with a charcoal picture of her Trapper wanted for murder. Elka doesn't want to believe it but things from her past start to connect and she realizes just what kind of a person he really is. The magistrate is after Kreager Hallet for the abduction and murder of several woman and one child. Once Magistrate Lyon suspects Elka of being part of it she's searching for her too. Elka runs and starts a roller coaster ride of a journey through the wilderness and making the least likely friends. Elka deals with things that she never had to deal with before murderous zealots, white slavers and trusting people who ask for nothing in return and escaping Magistrate Lyons alive.

Overall, my only problem with this book is the narrative. Elka is not educated and as it is told in first person so getting over my biggest pet peeve of double negatives and my brain autocorrecting stuff as soon as I trained my brain not to implode over the narrative I became immersed in the story and I stopped noticing it. I loved the story and the characters were great, Kreager I can believe was an evil sonofabitch.      

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