Saturday, September 24, 2016

ARC REVIEW Her Wicked HIghlander by Jennifer Haymore

Her Wicked Highlander was originally published in the anthology Captured by a Celtic Warrior. It is the novella that fits in between Highland Awaking and Highland Temptation but can be read as a stand alone. It is very well paced and entertaining quick read. This one centers around Maxwell White one of the newer Highlander Knights and a lonely Scottish Lass Aila MacKerrick.    

Aila is the only one in her family left she struggling to make it. But one cold night she's kidnapped and taken to a castle. Max and the other Highland Knights are trying to stop a lunatic from starting a Scottish uprising. The madman believes if he has the King Richard Dagger that he can lead Scotland to freedom, if he can find it. Unfortunately Aila is the only one who knows where, as it's rightful owner and her only family heirloom worth anything. Max's job is to protect Aila from a the man willing to kill to get the dagger in his hands. Thankfully Aila has common sense and as soon as Max explains everything she stops trying to escape. The attraction between Aila and Max is something and Aila wants to explore it but Max tries to do the right thing, he doesn't last too long. Sadly the illusion of safety doesn't last much longer than that.

Overall, as quick as this book was to read it was perfect the way it was. The romance was instant but I like that. Aila found what she wanted and she worked to win Max over.

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