Thursday, September 1, 2016

ARC REVIEW With Every Breath by Maya Banks

I have to say I have never read Maya Banks before and as this is book four in the Slow Burn series I must remedy that and I will definitely keep track of the next books in this series. I did feel like I didn't get to know Eliza and Wade as much as I could because so much of their personal background is in the previous books. I really liked Eliza, she's strong and loyal so much to the point she's willing to risk her own life to protect those she loves, even the one she doesn't want to admit she loves. Wade, sexy! He was a bit of a mystery for me, I don't know if it revealed it in the previous books what he really does but it drove me crazy that I never found out.

I love serial killer thrillers throw in the paranormal/psychic aspect and wooo, yeas!I kind of wanted more serial killer in the book as it is there is a lot of talking and sorting out emotions and preparing for the big show down. I loved how Eliza's past helped shape how she is, her need to help the victim and a strong sense of justice. I really enjoy hate/love books. It's that thin line between love and hate where the emotions are so strong you think it's one but really it's the other. In Eliza's case she thinks Wade hates her but she can't see the difference she's never felt love that strong before that she doesn't know it when she sees it.

Ten years ago Eliza was an orphaned teenager with no one. She believed the words of love spoken to her by an older man. It's something she regrets now and she blames herself for the lives that were lost because of his obssession. She moved on and tried to put her old life her old name  behind her safe with the knowledge that he was serving his prison sentence far away, until she gets the call that he's being released. Eliza has three weeks to say goodbye to her friends who have become the family she always wanted and to form the perfect plan to keep him off the street and from killing again, even if it means sacrificing her own freedom or life.

"He was drawn to her like a magnet, not wanting to be caught in her web but not having any damn choice in the matter."

Wade is tired of pushing Eliza away, something is going on with her and he aims to find out what. When Eliza's partner, Dane, calls him and asks a favor of keeping an eye on Eliza during her "vacation" he knows she's up to something. It doesn't take much to track her down and when she finally admits the truth he's determined that nothing is ever going to take her away from him, not even Eliza. Eliza kept everything from her friends because she didn't want to risk their lives, but as close as everyone is they are willing to risk it for her whether she wants them too or not, especially Wade. Because now that they are involved he's in even greater risk than before.

Overall, this was a great story. I really need to get the previous books and with the introduction of more characters I hope there are many more books to come.      

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