Saturday, October 1, 2016

ARC REVIEW The Aegis Series: Dangerous Attraction and Dangerous in Training by Sidney Bristol

Dangerous Attraction The Complete Serial, I'm glad I waited to read the book in it's entirety because I hate cliffhangers and Sidney was genius when she split the book up, I'm just sorry I waited this long to read it. A lot of the serials I've seen are short and not worth my time, Dangerous Attraction, however, each part of the serial is at least novella length and sooo much happens they are almost complete stories by themselves. I've got to give Sidney props for freakin' me out during this book, if I thought Blind was creepy and gritty I was wrong Dangerous Attraction is way more creepy and gritty.

This isn't Travis' first book we first were introduced to him in Blind he is Emma's brother, he's son of the man who watched the BTK serial killer blind, torture, and kill his parents right in front of him. Travis has issues he's a felon and an ex-Navy SEAL currently working for the private security firm Aegis, he's also been working with the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Club trying to track down the serial killer club. Which is what has lead him to Las Vegas.

Bliss is her sister's keeper, Wendy has always been the fragile one. Bliss hoped that when Wendy fell in love and married Grayson she wouldn't be needed as much but then came the baby and it sent Wendy in to post partum depression. Bliss and Wendy arranged some time alone to go Christmas shopping but when Bliss showed and Wendy didn't she got a bad feeling. Still too soon to file a missing person report Bliss still goes to the police what she finds is Travis who overheard Bliss' description of Wendy who fits the victimology of the serial killer he's trying to track down. Bliss confirms Travis' identity and calls Grayson who then hires Travis on the spot. Travis is ready to proceed as normal using the information he got from Bliss but Bliss wants in on it, she wants to help find Wendy. Against his better judgment Travis lets her help.

What happens next is a rollercoaster ride of romance, suspense and intense action. So much happens kidnapping, murder, gunfights, Christmas, falling in love so much more. Travis and Bliss felt an instant attraction to each other but with everything going on it was a hesitant love Travis has a bunch of baggage he has to deal with and catch the serial killer. We also see the BAU team from Blind come in and help things along. Overall, this was a great story it dug it's hooks in deep sucked me in. I loved it.        

Dangerous in Training has us with the newbie Mason Clark and the bosses daughter Hannah Stevens. Human trafficking gets my blood boiling, I despise it but I love fiction about it; where the good guys kick ass and save the day. This was a very intense read it's all very exciting and dirty. Sidney's active setting in this book is fantastic. I love the characters Mason and Hannah.

Mason is convinced that he's not good enough for the bosses daughter not with his past. Hannah was his physical therapist after being dishonorably discharged from the Navy he liked her then and after he got hired on with Aegis he still couldn't act on his feelings because she was the boss' daughter. Hannah's trying not to let her father run roughshod over her life. She wins a couple of tickets to a resort in Mexico a guy she dated a couple of times who let her keep some of her stuff in his shed is trying to get her to take him if she wants her stuff back. Hannah asks for Mason's help to get her stuff Mason with the help of the other guys at Aegis they get her stuff back no trouble. Mason not liking the sound of her traveling alone talks her into taking him. with her to Mexico.

It's a good thing Mason did because the whole thing was a setup, Hannah is a virgin and was pre sold to a very bad man. Hannah and Mason screw up their plans and instead of leaving the country as soon as they found out what happened Hannah won't leave until they find the other two missing girls she befriended the night before. Hannah and Mason are amusing because they have sex but Mason was drugged instead of Hannah and doesn't remember having sex with her. Throughout the book they are trying not to get closer but impossible because they have already fall in love with each other. Mason knows he needs help and calls in backup. Ethan, Travis, Luke and Zain fly in to help especially after Hannah gets caught and the boys have to find way to save her before she gets auctioned off to the highest bidder all under the assumption she's still a virgin, she doesn't correct them because she knows if she does she's as good as dead.

Overall, fantastic book. Great characters and intense story line.  

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