Thursday, October 6, 2016

ARC REVIEW Chills by Mary SanGiovanni

MY Halloween pick for this month is Chills. It a seriously creepy Lovecraftian style story. A freak snow storm in April traps the small New England Town of Colby. Now Homicide Detectives Jack Glazier, Reese Teagan and occult specialist Kathy Ryan are in a rush to stop an insane cult determined to bring eternal winter to this dimension and bring forth the gods who will wipe out humanity.

My interest in this book was almost instantaneous, it hooked me right off the back. The characters were all likable and really had you rooting for them. The monsters, the strange creatures that came out of the snow were truly unnerving. The book also reminded me of older Dean Koontz books (especially DarkFall). The active setting pulled me in and gave me chills and had me holding my breath.

It all started with a ritual style murder, and then the snow came and with it horrible monster. The monsters came out of the snow killing people and taking them. Jack and Reese are left with a town frozen over and only Kathy with the knowledge to figure out what is going on. Kathy's past is not known to either Jack or Reese she keeps it under wraps the only reason they know something traumatic happened to her to set her on this path is the long scar on the side of her face. A scar given to her by her serial killer brother who was following the orders given to him by a cult, the same one calling the demons on to this plan. Kathy and Reese try and track down the spell to reverse it before it's too late; while Jack and another detective, Morris, try and track down the cult members.

Overall, very creepy, very intense, and very good. I think I white knuckled my kindle throughout most of the book.  

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