Thursday, October 27, 2016

ARC REVIEW The Crazy Cat Ladies Anthology

The full name for this crazy anthology is The Crazy Cat Ladies: Nine New Contemporary and Paranormal Romances Ready to Tempt You with an Alpha Hero to Walk on the Wild Side by Lisa Carlisle, Melanie Ting, Lori WhyteJerri Drennen, Sukie Chapin, L.C. Alleyne, Elle Rush, Abby CheshireSidney Bristol. I enjoyed this collection it's a little bit of everything and for just being .99 cents it's a great deal. Out of the nine I've only read Sidney Bristol before and out of the eight new authors I only disliked one story. 

The Vet and the Geek: By Sidney Bristol
Love, Love, Love, love, love. I loved Miranda, I loved Raul, I love the whole Geeks Gone Wild series, I loved this story, and I love Sidney Bristol. Miranda is the kind of person I wish I could be she had a dream and she went for it and didn't let anything or anyone stand in her way. ( Although with how I am I'm probably more like Tamara) Raul is a sweetheart, who wouldn't love a sexy vet. I've said it before and I'll say it again I love the whole Geeks Gone Wild concept, the friendship and that they stand by each other no matter what. The story was fantastic the conflict between Miranda and her stalker, and the internal struggle Miranda is going through that affects her relationship with Raul. Sidney Bristol is just so talented; geek, suspense, humor, and romance she manages to tie it all in so well.

Mr. November: By Melanie Ting
How have I not read this author before, must read more soon. Melanie Ting managed to make an erotica romance so damn sweet. I loved that Marty, the enforcer and most feared guy on the team of the Vancouver Vice hockey team, is such a shy and sweet guy. I liked that Elaine is straightforward and wasn't afraid to make the first move or admit when she made a mistake. I enjoyed that the whole hockey team was there for Marty to try and help with Elaine and not to forget Knightley such a sweety. 

Cat Scratch Fever: By L.C. Alleyne
I'm not familiar with this author but I have to say I'm intrigued. Smokin' hot Brazilian panther shifter who lives in Norway and whose best friend is a Norwegian Forest Cat (I love those big beautiful wild cats). Rafael is alpha male to the tee and when it comes to his potential mate he's willing to risk his career. Kristin I think bit off more than she could chew when she decided to help a friend and go undercover to take down a drug ring run by someone high in the Brazilian government hierarchy. The story had a nice twist and was very exciting and hooked me from the start to finish.

Decker and Joy: A North Pole Unlimited Romance: By Elle Rush
I want more, this seems like it would be a really cute series. Decker is a private investigator whose future rest on finding a certain toy that's not market ready on behalf of the NPU corporation. Joy is enjoying her time as the manager of Kitten Caboodle, but it was only suppose to be part time until she got her veterinarian's assistant diploma but that was years ago and she knows it's time to move on. Decker tracks the toys GPS tracker to the mall and not only does he find what he's looking for with a little bit of effort he finds his HEA too. This was a sweet story and a wonderful mystery.

Cats in the Cradle: By Jerri Drennen
Another mystery, this one is a small suburb where the local crazy cat lady gets stuck in the middle of a sticky situation. Beatrice is a psychiatrist on the mend of her own emotional breakdown keeps a close watch on her neighborhood with a new neighbor and a murder she can't help but speculate but that only leads to bring Sam into her life. Sam is house sitting for his sitter and trying to get his writing career back on track, and the meddling neighbor only leads to act as a muse for his own story. Beatrice wanting to learn more about the murder just raises more questions and unwanted feelings for Sam. This was a really good one with an unexpected ending.

Forgive Me (Sanctuary Lake #2): By Lori Whyte
Don't let the fact that this is the second book in a series it can be read as a standalone. Another Mystery although a little heavier on the romance and suspense. This is a second chance romance Rachel and Grady fell in love in high school but with his family's bad reputation he didn't want to taint her with it and now he's back in town, they are both single living next door to her and what bring them together is a severed finger. This was a very exciting read if not a little predictable but I would like to know more about those brothers.

Sanctuary: By Sukie Chapin
Okay, so this is the one I didn't like, it just wasn't for me. The story was just very drawn out and boring and FYI: CLIFFHANGER. Indy runs a big cat sanctuary and hires Jake to help out. Jake is lying about his past and the only thing he wants is his lion back. There is a lot of internal struggle and dialogue for both Indy who is still struggling with the death of her mother and Jake who was framed to look like he abused his lion. The story goes in circles for a 22 chapters (short chapters) one chapter of foreplay then one chapter of sex then it's over; the story just felt incomplete. I couldn't not connect to the characters by the end I just didn't care anymore. 

Mr. Hot Stuff: By Abby Cheshire
Cute, sweet, and so romantic. Poor Lily has suffered through eight horrible blind dates and her newest fur baby is a klepto who keeps stealing the car keys from their new neighbor; the neighbor Lily has been crushing on since he moved in. Lily's godmother/landlady has one last blind date lined up for Lily and then she promises no more. But with Lily what can go wrong will go wrong first the line of bad dates, she sprains her ankle and accidently falls on a cactus in front of her crush who it looks like has a beautiful girlfriend already. When she finally gives in on the blind date she gets stood up. But Lily's godmother isn't ready for her to give up just yet. This was a funny story, I hated to laugh at Lily's misfortune but it was so amusing and it really had such a sweet ending.    

Dress Blues:By Lisa Carlisle
The last book in the collection and definitely one of my favorites. I liked the bit of role reversal going on with this story; normally it's the hero who goes off to war and comes back broken but in this story it's the heroine who comes home broken. Vivi and Jack were both Marines, they met while stationed in Japan and quickly started to fall for each other but Jack was an officer and Vivi was enlisted and that is very big no no, so they each went their separate ways but never forgetting one another. A couple years later they run into each other at a charity function. What may look like happenstance is what Vivi has been secretly hoping for ever since she moved to Boston; knowing it was Jack's home town when she decided to move there. This was relatively conflict free except for Vivi's internal struggle with her damaged leg and letting Jack in, but it was such a great story to read. 

Overall, this was a great collection.          

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