Thursday, October 13, 2016

ARC REVIEW Dangerous Protector by Sidney Bristol

Dangerous Protector is book five in Sidney Bristol's Aegis Group series. This one is tense. I have run out of ways to say how great Sidney Bristol's writing really is, I can not get enough of her romantic suspense. What I love is that it pretty much is nonstop action the slower parts are filled with them getting to know each other and hot steamy sex. Can't go wrong with this series.

Fiona is stuck living inside the box, under the protection of the WPP for something she did when she was young and dumb. One night she decides to take a risk and on the night she does she meets Marco, denim and leather clad hunk with a stoic face. Marco is trying to right a wrong. His family was wronged when a huge corporation bought out his grandparents land right out from underneath them and uses it for toxic dumping. Fiona gets caught between and corporate espionage and Marco's sabotage which leads to the reveal of who she really is and the sociopathic hacker trying to kill her.

Marco is supposed to use Fiona as his in to take down the company, but he realizes once meeting her he can't do it, especially after he sleeps with her. His super secret hacker extraordinaire friend Ghost helps him along the way and also reveals they are not the only ones hacking into the system. This leads to a chain reaction of shit hitting the fan to more bigger piles of shit hitting the fan especially after Fiona finds out Marco's initial intentions. But what Marco did and how he feels for Fiona now he's not going to let anything happen to her no matter what, even when she doesn't trust him.

Once again Sidney's active setting is outstanding. Her first hand experience of the Moab desert really comes out as she describes the beauty and the dangers of the place so well and the action is heart pounding. Overall another winner from the talented Sidney Bristol.  

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