Tuesday, October 4, 2016

ARC REVIEW Merry Cowboy Christmas by Carolyn Brown

Book three in the Lucky Penny Ranch novel is all about the big city accountant sister Fiona Logan and the delectable Jud Dawson. I like Carolyn Brown because she injects a humor into her characters she has a great narrative and her active setting well let me just say I was craving chicken and dumplings after she described Fiona making it. I love that even though their was an instant chemistry between Jud and Fiona they didn't immediately fall into bed with each other. They became friends first and that process was real sweet. I'm not one for overly Christian tones in a romance but the moral that was carried throughout the book, Love thy Neighbor, is something everybody needs to learn and keep in their minds and hearts. I love how that comes into play with the cantankerous Truman O'Dell and his overcritical wife Dora June and how that came about really made the book special.

Fiona didn't want to come back but she had no choice, jobs less and no place else to go she has to return to the one place she couldn't wait to leave. Determined only to stay a couple of months she doesn't want to get to comfortable but the cowboy in the room across the hall from her has her thinking twice about leaving again. Jud has been looking for a place to set his roots down, he wants what his cousins have and when he meets Fiona he knows he could have that with her, but Fiona was born with a wanderlust. Fiona has to find her way on her own but knowing that Jud is there for her and her sisters and mother she knows she'll find it.

Overall, the story with Truman and Dora June is a great one and I'm happy that things ended they way they did. It is a wonderful Christmas story, and love story.      

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