Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ARC REVIEW Tainted Bride by A.S. Fenichel

I love books like this, books that I know have been a labor of love and healing for the author. It's a very emotional and heartfelt story and knowing that so much of the author's self is put into makes it so much better. In her acknowledgements in the beginning of the book she says this book was part of a healing process, you can tell the emotion behind the hurt and the tragedy was palpable. The writing was beautifully done, the character development was clear and well done. Lady Daphne is a great supporting character, she was exactly what Sophia needed. Dorothea was another great supporting character outspoken, straightforward and fearless and the voice of reason when Sophia needed it the most. Sophia and Daniel are perfect for each other it's plain as day but the process of them realizing it is a difficult one but so sweet of an outcome.

Sophia was foisted on to her great aunt so she could have a season in London after an event that ruined her first season in Philadelphia three years ago. Sophia has resigned herself to never get married she plans to just go through the motions to appease Aunt Daphne but she won't marry. Even after meeting the dashing Daniel Fallon the Earl of Marlton who makes her stomach go aflutter she can not allow herself to love him. Daniel had no immediate plans to marry but just after one night, one ball Daniel can think of noone else but Sophia. Daniel has reservations, he feels like he can't trust himself after what happened last time, and he won't be taken for a fool this time. When the villain from Sophia's past who ruined her shows up in London, Sophia is scared and shocked especially when a rumor about her not being innocent comes out in the paper. Daniel can't help but believe what he heard but something about how Sophia acts doesn't ring true about the rumor. Sophia tells Daniel the truth about what happened three years ago and why she can never marry. Daniel does the unexpected and proposes and after some convincing that Sophia can stand the touch of a man as long as it was done in love Sophia agrees. But it's only the beginning, tragedy strikes and Sophia falls into a bout of depression. Daniel is trying to find out the way to ruin the blackguard who ruined his Sophie and deal with his distraught wife until Daniel disappears.

Overall, it was a great story. Sophia learns that friends and family can help you get through whatever tragedy may happen and love heals.          

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