Thursday, October 20, 2016

ARC REVIEW What the Duke Doesn't Know by Jane Ashford

The Duke's Sons book two, What the Duke Doesn't Know. It's a charming book with an okay storyline, James was great, Kawena was a little annoying at first but she was adjusting to English society and she became less annoying as the book went one. I liked that she was Polynesian, usually if the Author is doing a mixed race it Indian or Caribbean, or the author has the heroine American or Australian if they don't want her British. Now I have seen Spanish, French, and Eastern Europe or Russian but still I think this might be my first Polynesian, so it was something different for me and I really liked it. (I love the model on the cover, love her expression.)  

Kawena Benson traveled all the way from her little island in the South Pacific to find the man who stole her inheritance. Captain James Gresham and his ship were the only boat docked when Kawena's inheritance disappeared. Her father planned ahead for her future and stock piled jewels and gem stone, he died shortly after discovering them missing. Kawena fearless left home for the first time aboard a friend's ship dressed as a boy and traveled to England. Her initial intention was just to scare the man but when he rushed her the gun accidently went off, thankfully noone was hurt. James was visiting his brother in Oxford wondering what he would do with his life now that his ship has been decommissioned when the beautiful dark haired, dark eyed Kawena attacks him.

James and Kawena set off to find the real culprit but all their leads are dead ends. By a stroke of luck Kawena finds them, I'm not gonna tell you how. But that opens all society doors for her since the jewels are worth a veritable fortune now the "native girl" is the toast of the ton. Kawena wants to show James that she can be "Proper" since he has spent most of the book telling her everything she does isn't proper. Along with a friend and a chaperone Kawena rents a house in Oxford, she also has something big planned something just for James and her. Unfortunately her fortune also bring to light unwanted previously unknown family; her father's brother and his horrid family. But fortunately Kawena has friends in high places and James and his family are there to stand with her against them. If only James can convince Kawena he likes her just as she is and if Kawena will understand that James never wanted her to change.

Overall, the book was entertaining I liked it well enough. The first book Heir to the Duke and the third book Lord Sebastian's Secret run pretty much parallel with this one so there are references what's happening in the previous book and to the next one. I am however really looking forward to Flora and Robert's story.   

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