Thursday, November 3, 2016

ARC REVIEW Another Chance by Kathy Clark

Another Chance is book three in Kathy Clark's Austin Heroes series, it is sadly the conclusion to the series as well. The youngest Archer brother gets his second chance at love with his high school sweetheart and they are not the only ones who get another chance but a surprise reunion happens also. Luke Archer and  Bella Shaw happened pretty quickly but it was like they picked up where they left off as soon as they realized what had happened all those years ago. There is no problem with their relationship only the fact that technically Luke lives in DC and Bella is a prominent lawyer and a Texas State Senator and that possibility that ISIS terrorist are coming over the Texas border and using Bella's ranch as an waypoint before getting into Austin. Said terrorists are planning an attack and Luke has come back home as part of the task force in charge of finding them and stopping them.

As with each of the books this can be read as a standalone, but the other books are so well done and together you get more of the family history and background and it really is more fun to know the story behind the dog who is addicted strawberries. The story has a great romance and a great plot, plenty of action, in the bedroom and out. Overall, this was a very exciting and romantic and I hate to see the end of this series but look forward to what may come.  

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