Thursday, November 10, 2016

ARC REVIEW How to Impress a Marquess by Susanna Ives

How to Impress a Marquess is book three in the Wicked Little Secrets series. It is just fine as a standalone I haven't read any of the previous books but was not lost at all. It was, in the end, a very cute and fun book. However Lilith I didn't really care for; for most of the book she was flaky, immature, whiny, and selfish. She does change she sees that not everything was as she perceived it to be and that it was not only her feelings and emotions being messed with as a child. I do like that she was a free spirit and artistically inclined and also that she knew how to act she just refused to conform to society's rules unless she has too. George of course is a brooding straightlaced Marquess. George doesn't even realize that he has been in love with Lilith the whole time and he has been doing everything to keep her in his life. Even Lilith doesn't see it she just sees him as the oppressive villain of her story. Which of course is what she does. Lilith is the author of a very popular story being printed by a London magazine she has loosely based the characters on George as the bad guy and herself as the heroine. George loves the story and wishes he can find a woman like the heroine of the story.

Lilith hates the side of her family her mother married into. She has felt unloved and unwanted since she was a teen, she has been ridiculed and made to feel like a lesser of a person just because her birth father was not of society breeding. George is the head of the family and was left in charge of Lilith's inheritance and every month she must beg for her money. Lilith has shown to be irresponsible and flighty when it comes to her money, and her cousins from her father's side have used her for it and after living together for several years they have abandoned her with a past due rent of seven months even though she has given her rent money to them every month. Homeless and betrayed only George is there to help her and she hates him for it. An old school acquaintance of George's has fallen for Lilith and manipulated George into bringing her to George's annual house party. The house party is where all the excitement happens including a spiteful and hateful mother, a forgotten half sister, and an attic of forgotten secrets and locked away artist talent.

Overall this was a fun and enjoyable read, I really liked it. And every time George said "My God, Lilith!" he did so in Frasier Crane's voice.      

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