Thursday, December 22, 2016

ARC REVIEW Chase by Sidney Bristol

Book three of Sidney Bristol's Hot Rides series has us falling in love with Gabe and Nikki. This is a second  chance love story, Nikki and Gabe originally meet years ago when she was assigned as his handler for his undercover work. They fell in love but when a case went wrong he left the FBI now he is working with the contracted undercover team of racers and gear heads at Classic Rides. Nikki wanted the job as temporary handler for the Classic Rides team she has a case and needs their help with it. The new case is finding a homegrown terrorist, a militant group using disabled veterans, manipulating them, blackmailing them into trying to overthrow the government and the mad man behind the whole thing wants to start by setting off bombs somewhere in a well populated place in the Miami/Dade county area. Nikki needs this case to go right so she can get her own little project green lighted by the higher ups.  

The relationship between Nikki and Gabe almost seemed like it picked up where they left off, as soon as they talked about what went wrong and and where they both made mistakes they were in love again. The sexual tension between them was really good and it lead up to something really hot but it just was lacking in comparison to the suspense and action part of the story. The story starts out kind slow as they are trying to find leads but it all comes to a huge intense climatic conclusion.

Overall another great story and I can not wait for the next one.

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