Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ARC REVIEW It Must Be Christmas: Three Holiday Stories

It Must Be Christmas is three stories that range from tame to hot! Jennifer Crusie bring Hot Toy, one I had the pleasure to read last year and loved. Donna Alward introduces me to Jewell Cove and Christmas at Seashell Cottage and finally another book I enjoyed last year Mandy Baxter's Christmas with the Billionaire Rancher.

Hot Toy: Jennifer Crusie

This is a short and fun Christmas short story that at first starts off like Jingle all the Way, but quickly turns into something so much more. Trudy is trying to be the best aunt ever and make sure her nephew gets the toy he wants for Christmas. Only the action figure he wants is impossible to find, and the one she does find throws her into a big mess with spies and lies and gun fights. Now this is a fluff piece, but man do I love a good piece of fluff every now and then. It is more of a comedy with a budding romance then a Christmas Romance but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Christmas at Seashell Cottage: Donna Alward

A first for me and I adored it. It was a semi sweet semi hot romance between the town's new doctor, Charlie Yang and former NAVY SEAL, Dave Ricker, who's trying to find a place for himself in civilian life and his daughter's life. They are brought together when a newborn baby is left in the manger at the church's nativity scene. Charlie unwilling to let the baby go into foster care at Christmas decides to take the responsibility until CPS can organize a proper place. Charlie is longing for a place to belong she feels that after a lifetime of emotionally distant parents that she'll never find someone or fit in in the small town. Dave is just trying to find a place in his daughter's life without interfering with his ex's new husband and their life. Dave has never had an emotional attachment to anyone and doesn't realize that he is in love with the beautiful and caring doctor. A really good short romance and I enjoyed this so much.

Christmas with the Billionaire Rancher: Mandy Baxter

This was a cute romance, naughty, but it really tugged at my heartstrings. I'm always glad when the contents of the book aren't as cliche as the title of the book.  Nate is a reluctant billionaire, and kind of insecure because of how his father treated him he left home and vowed never to have anything to do with his father, his money or his company ever again but the will his father left left him the majority of everything he didn't want. Chloe is a strong woman but a bleeding heart. Chloe was just initially going to hit up Nate for a donation for her charity if she doesn't get the money she needs by the end of the year she loses everything, but after one night with him she was in love and their was no way she was going to ask him for the money now. Nate hates gold diggers just as much as he hates his father's money, but time with Chloe has him rethinking everything. Nate's insecurities just might get in the way of his HEA with Chloe.

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