Thursday, January 12, 2017

ARC REVIEW Campbell's Redemption by Sharon Cullen

Yea! Sharon Cullen's book three of her Highland Pride series. Iain Campbell and his "English sympathies" are fully explained. I knew Iain's story would be a good one, mysterious Lord who helps out his fellow Scottish people behind closed doors but plays nice nice to the brutal English army. It takes place a short time after the other books, after Culloden when the British were using any means necessary to control the Scottish rebellion and abusing the power they had. The people of Scotland were split in two groups, people who were tired of persecution and just wanted to be left alone and those who wanted to fight back and get Scotland back from British control. Iain was working both sides, he used his British birth right and connections to help the rebels where he could, all without their knowledge. They viewed him as a traitor and he was fine with that he helped where he could and hated the English just as much as his people. Cait hated Iain, she hated the fact that her husband was so loyal to Iain that he died protecting Iain. Cait is a healer and she will turn noone away not even the English soldiers her impartialness allowed a bit of leeway when it came to her they left her alone for the most part. But that was just a show for the English she helped the rebels hide out until they could escape on the ship to Canada.

Iain needed the help of Cait on of his men had been shot and she was the closest healer. He hasn't seen her since her husband's death he felt to guilty that he couldn't save him, that he died taking an arrow meant for Iain. Finally after five years Iain has the chance to apologize and he's going to start fulfilling his promise to look out for her. Cait doesn't want or need help from Iain or even her own stubborn Grandfather's who basically disowned her after she married. But now someone is going around killing English soldiers on Campbell land and very close to Cait's house it's causing the English to look a little to close at her. Iain is falling in love with Cait and when one English soldier tries to take liberties Iain is there to protect her he' willing to risk it all even if it means leaving her all alone again.

Overall it was a good story so very enjoyable, very emotional there at the end.    

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