Thursday, January 5, 2017

ARC REVIEW Diffraction by Jess Anastani

OMG! My first read of the new year and wow. I love this series, it is best if you read all books in order because the main story arc that continues throughout all the books. Diffraction is no different from the first two books, it has a great emotional connection between all the characters and nice chemistry between the two main characters. There is great external conflict between Varean and various other characters and Varean's internal struggle with himself; what he's been hiding all of his life gave the character so much more depth. Kira much like everyone else on board the Imojenna has a past she'd rather not remember or think about. Continued through the story along with the silent war on the Reidar is Rian and Ella's hectic love/hate romance. Love that I hope their book is soon, stop teasing us Jess Anastasi, PLEASE!

Kira's path up 'till now has been clear keep everyone alive and help defeat the Reidar but when a soldier is brought on board because he reacts strangely to the new weapon the use to expose the shapeshifting Reidar. Rian and the crew automatically assume he's a spy and the enemy but to Kira she sees something different she thinks she knows what happened and why he reacts the way he does but she needs to keep him alive long enough to find out for sure; that's if Callen and Rian stop beating the crap out him long enough for her to run some tests. When Kira finally gets around to being able to convince Varean to give a blood sample and to start the test Rian is backstabbed and the crew must abandon the Imojenna. Split into two groups they each have their own missions to complete before meeting at the rendezvous point later. Kira knows this is her only chance to get to a real hospital and run the test, but what the tests say is something so completely different from what she thought. ( I was half right with my guess). With the new information Kira and Varean face a decision and even though both of them fell in love they make the wrong choice that they both realize days later. But another betrayal has Varean rushing to save her before he's had the chance to tell her he loves her.

This book is so jam packed with everything. I can't believe Jess Anastasi even went as far as she did it left me awestruck at what happened in this book. I can't wait for the next one! Overall this book just continues with the awesome.  

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