Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ARC REVIEW Lady Claire is All That by Maya Rodale

I jumped into this series at this book I haven't read any other books by Maya Rodale and I have to say I like what I read. The whole premise of taking movies and giving them the regency twist caught my attention, especially since She's All That is a modernized version of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady. I really want to go back and read the other two book this was a fun book. Maya Rodale she has a great narrative and active setting. It was a really entertaining book much like the movie. Like the movie She's All That but unlike the other two it all starts with a spurned man trying to prove he can make any girl the diamond of the ball and falling into a stupid bet with a friend. The object of Lord Fox's bet is the American blue stocking Claire Cavendishes.

Lord Fox is a dandy, he is always impeccably dressed in the best fashions, knows all the right people and was set to marry the perfect society wife, until she jilted him and eloped with someone else; an actor. Claire was only looking forward to moving to London for one reason meeting one of the finest mathematical minds ever. She doesn't care one bit about all the dandies and the ignorance of the ton she just cares about mathematics. Fox trying to win his bet agrees to introduce her to the Duke she has been wanting to meet. Fox also agrees to take her to some lectures and because she's "just a woman" he helps get her in discussions. Claire doesn't know why Fox has decided to pay attention to her but she doesn't care as long as she gets to talk about math she's happy, but the more he spends around her integrating her into society the more she starts to like him. Fox doesn't like math, he doesn't understand anything about it but the more time he spends with Claire the more jealous he gets over her. But the bet that he knows he never should have made is pulling him at the seams. He has fallen in love with Claire is he ready to lose the bet for her.

Overall it plays out pretty much like the movie, it's cute and kind of aggravating in the way good stories do.             

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