Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ARC REVIEW Lord Sebastian's Secret by Jane Ashford

Book three of Jane Ashford's The Duke's Sons series. This one follows Sebastian (obviously) and Georgina. They met and engaged in the previous book if you haven't read it you really don't miss much pertaining to them. Sebastian has come to Georgina's family home to get to know the family before the wedding. Georgina is worried that they will find her unacceptable because of her eccentric family. But Sebastian has his own worries between Georgina's headstrong younger sisters bombarding him with questions about London and her father who undoubtedly thinks he's too stupid to marry his daughter, Sebastian is hiding a secret of his own.

 This was a quick and easy read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I've liked this more than the first two in the series but not more than the prequel novella. Sebastian is the athletic type who had trouble in school and Georgina is the beautiful bluestocking. It would seem like an unlikely match but what attracted them to each other went beyond looks. Sebastian listened to Georgina when she talked about the things she enjoyed and to Sebastian Georgina was everything he ever wanted she was not just beautiful but she is caring and loving; and smart maybe even too smart for him. They were just a great couple and they just grew together throughout the book.

But the long six week wait until the wedding wasn't all easy. They dealt with a spurned suitor, an impatient little sister, a horde of pugs, and a governess with illusions of grandeur. Overall this was a very entertaining and romantic book and I have to say I loved what Sebastian's secret was, you don't see much of that.      

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